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4.9 out of 5 stars

Glen Freeth-Selway
Glen Freeth-Selway

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

We have been using LSG Creative for over 6 months and have finally found an SEO company that takes care of all of our SEO requirements leaving us to focus on what we do best. Luke is very hands on and often passes on knowledge that other SEO agencies would want to charge us for. Every detail of our campaign is explained and we are seeing a steady and constant improvement in our online performance. Being partnered with LSG is a team effort and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for affordable and professional SEO services.


About LSG Creative SEO Ltd

About LSG Creative SEO Ltd

We are an SEO agency in Bristol who also build awesome websites.

LSG Creative will not just create you a superb website but can also offer you a full consultancy service. We can help your website rank higher on search engines using Google compliant methods which are fully transparent.

Your company will receive monthly reports, ranking updates on request and a seven days a week service making us the best value UK based SEO agency.

Nine out of ten clients would recommend us to another company, with no contracts and secure online payments what do you have to lose?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) does not have to be a burden, with prices starting from £50 per month we can get you started and get you ranking. We also cover all areas of the digital marketing world including bespoke responsive websites which you can control.

LSG Creative was created by Luke Sartain who regularly assists companies in being found online, we now help support over 60 UK companies and we continue to grow with a team which has expanded to over fourteen worldwide experts.

What Makes Our SEO Unique?

  • An holistic, context-based SEO approach providing superb quality content onsite and offsite.
  • Technical performance and page architecture optimisation.
  • Broad range of back link production by posting quality content with a mixed keyword density and variety of anchor text links.
  • Social signal optimisation, social signals are the votes, shares, likes, pins, or views people place on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media sites that filter out to various search engines like Google. By bookmarking the articles we produce for you we help get your content noticed.
  • User signal optimisation, we focus on how long your clients and prospective clients spend on your website by adding rich media content.

Live Client Portal

  • Check your rankings whenever you want
  • Shows progress on all search engines
  • Compare your online market share against your competitors
  • Keep track of all new links and social media popularity
  • Find errors and issues with your website

About SEO in Bristol

Bristol is famous for its creative environment, and is renowned for top quality music and being a brilliant location for a good number of films recorded here.

Bristol is also famed for Banksy, graffiti art and fantastic food (National Foodies Festival)

We have made numerous connections with high-authority news websites which can help provide your company with a strong local presence online. We have over 50 partners in the region which give LSG Creative a unique hold of the Bristol business market

A handful of our top ranking Bristol clients include:

  • Bonomini - Ranking top for "Hair Salon" and "Hair Dressers Bristol"
  • David Hutton Interiors who rank top for "Interior Design Bristol"
  • Bateman Skip hire ranking top for "Skip Hire Bristol"We love local businesses and are always happy to meet to discuss your needs over a coffee or drink of your choice.

SEO Industry News


Google Panda 4.2 Reversal 

As you may be aware Google recently rolled out a new Panda update, however within the last 30 days have appear to have reversed the update. It may be that they are making some final tweaks to the algorithm before going live again, watch your analytics or log into your client portal to view your current rankings. 

Mobile Friendly Update

Mobile Friendly Update

Google ran an update on April 21st which lowered the authority of all websites which are not optimised for mobile devices. As part of our new SEO service we include the migration of your website to a responsive platform or create you a mobile-friendly website so that your business will not be negatively affected by this update. When using the SEO quotation form above please be sure to mention if your website is not mobile optimised.

To find out if your website passes the next Google test please visit:

Googles Mobile Friendly Test


The risks associated with using a private blog network, and why you should avoid them

With a host of companies starting to show up offering private blog networks as a solution for your SEO I wanted to share with you a few warnings and some light reading as food for thought.

  • Links are controlled by SEO, not you. All work carried out by an SEO should be an investment in your website, not to help build authority in private blog networks.
  • They are against Googles Web Quality Guidelines and will be penalised if located, this will not only penalise the network of blogs and news websites but also all websites gaining links from them. A message from Matt Cutts below...

Matt Cutts Tweet on Private Blog Networks

  • Build your sites relevance online by writing compelling content, structuring your site correctly and having rich and engaging media and you will benefit from SEO in the long term.
  • Stay away from PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and never use a link farm.



What you need to know about SEO

More than just back links and keyword stuffing

SEO has generated negative press over the past few years with people choosing to either optimise websites compliantly or by trying to game the system.

  • Often you will find websites ranking highly by using private blog networks, stuffing keywords into a website or just by simply buying an exact match domain. (EMD)
  • Websites who have cheated the algorithm to rank will often experience a high amount of fluctuation in rankings and eventually will lose rank when Google or other search engines roll out a major update.
  • Good marketing and focussing on user experience is the best way to optimise websites, factors from social media, valuable back links, quality content and site architecture are the most important aspects of SEO and will prove to be an investment in your company as a whole rather than focussing on short wins.


Three Important SEO factors for 2015/2016

  1. Website Security - You have no doubt seen related articles on the news about breached and hacked websites, getting a secure certificate (SSL) will prove to Google and other search engines that your website should be trusted. Source: Search Engine Land
  2. Website Speed - Google recently announced that website speed is being used a ranking signal, no wonder as for every second your site loads can lose you a potential visitor. Source: Webmaster Blog
  3. Social & Brand Signals - Backlinks can be easily influenced by spam website and poor quality directories. It is harder to trick brand signals and social signs. How many times your brand is mentioned, how many likes and shares your site has is likely to be a strong SEO signal moving forward. 

What is SEO?

(Search engine optimisation)

Search engine optimisation is editing or changing a website to make it more friendly for the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing this will ultimately achieve better ranks when people search online.

Search engine optimisation can sometimes be referred to as SEO copyrighting, the main reason for this is because most of SEO is related to the text that a search engine has to deal with.

• SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

• The main aim of SEO is to optimize a website for search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

 Search engine optimisation is the art of designing and producing a website to rank in the best place in search engine results.

• The results of successful SEO is increasing web traffic to a website from search engines.

Search engine optimisation is marketing your company by understanding the algorithms that search engines have created to rank websites.

In order for you to successfully optimise your website it is important to understand how search engines work and which are the most influential areas in SEO to get your website ranking the fastest


Who Searches Where?

In 2014 a survey was conducted to find out who searches where online and which search engines are classed as primary on desktops and mobile devices. 

Google - 82%

Yahoo - 8%

Bing - 6%




Which Search Engine Should You Optimise For

Never optimise for a search engine, optimise your website for the user. Search engines are constantly updating the algorithm to make it favour users, recent updates over the years have favoured sites which have the following attributes:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Unique Content
  • Socially Connected 
  • Well Reviewed
  • Regularly Updated 

If you don't have time to optimise your company or website then don't panic, we offer affordable solutions from only £50+VAT per month, with no risk to your site or business.