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We have helped over 60 companies in the UK, ranging from Bath Rugby Club, Savills, wedding photographers, builders, plumbers, removal companies and more. 


We are an SEO agency in Bristol who also build awesome websites.

LSG Creative will not just create you a superb website but can also offer you a full consultancy service. We can help your website rank higher on search engines using Google compliant methods which are fully transparent.

Your company will receive monthly reports, ranking updates on request and a seven days a week service making us the best value UK based SEO agency. 

Nine out of ten clients would recommend us to another company, with no contracts and secure online payments what do you have to lose?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) does not have to be a burden, with prices starting from £50 per month we can get you started and get you ranking. We also cover all areas of the digital marketing world including bespoke responsive websites which you can control.   

LSG Creative was created by Luke Sartain who regularly assists companies in being found online, we now help support over 60 UK companies and we continue to grow with a team which has expanded to over fourteen worldwide experts.



Bristol is a famous for its creative streak, and renowned for top quality music and brilliant films being recorded here. 

Bristol is also famed for Banksy, graffiti art and fantastic food (National Foodies Festival) 

It is the combination of above which creates a wonderful creative atmosphere in Bristol to produce great looking websites and even creative SEO (Search engine optimisation)

It also allows LSG Creative to work with a broad range of people, from business owners to bands. Regardless of whether you are wearing a suit or sandals or based in Bristol or Belgium give us a call today to find out how we can help your company grow with fantastic SEO or a unique website.   

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(Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is editing or changing a website to make it more friendly for the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing this will ultimately achieve better ranks when people search online. 

Search engine optimisation can sometimes be referred to as SEO copyrighting, the main reason for this is because most of SEO is related to the text that a search engine has to deal with.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

• The main aim of SEO is to optimize a website for search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Search engine optimisation is the art of designing and producing a website to rank in the best place in search engine results.

• The results of successful SEO is increasing web traffic to a website from search engines.

Search engine optimisation is marketing your company by understanding the algorithms that search engines have created to rank websites.

In order for you to successfully optimise your website it is important to understand how search engines work and which are the most influential areas in SEO to get your website ranking the fastest.  


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Supporting SMEs and startup businsesses

The online and physical world as we know it is changing and it is effecting day to day businesses. A search for "SEO Bristol" will show you dozens of websites with SEO and Bristol in the domain name, an old fashioned tactic Google is since frowning upon. 

LSG Creative believes that brand should not be forgotten, create a brand not a company just for SEO. SEO will not make your business succeed alone, an astute business plan and lots of commitment to your company is what makes the dream a reality.  

We will build you a reputable online reputation by using SEO tactics, we do not cut corners. Contact the LSG Creative team today for your free quotation, and dont forget. Long Live brands.

Providing the best priced SEO (Search engine optimisation) & webdesign in the UK based in Bristol. Fully certified by Google for Advanced Search & Advertising Fundamentals. 36 websites currently ranking at the top of page one in Bristol with help from LSG Creative - 12 new companies launched with LSG Creative websites this year... - 1240 new blogging / social media acocunts created this year to help SEO for our clients in Bristol...